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  1. Research

    The relationship between target joints and direct resource use in severe haemophilia

    Target joints are a common complication of severe haemophilia. While factor replacement therapy constitutes the majority of costs in haemophilia, the relationship between target joints and non drug-related dir...

    Jamie O’Hara, Shaun Walsh, Charlotte Camp, Giuseppe Mazza, Liz Carroll, Christina Hoxer and Lars Wilkinson

    Health Economics Review 2018 8:1

    Published on: 16 January 2018

  2. Research

    Does spending matters? Re-looking into various covariates associated with Out of Pocket Expenditure (OOPE) and catastrophic spending on accidental injury from NSSO 71st round data

    Accidental Injury is a traumatic event which not only influences physical, psychological, and social wellbeing of the households but also exerts extensive financial burden on them. Despite the devastating econ...

    Jalandhar Pradhan, Rinshu Dwivedi, Sanghamitra Pati and Sarit Kumar Rout

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:48

    Published on: 20 December 2017

  3. Research

    Palivizumab in the prevention of severe respiratory syncytial virus infection in children with congenital heart disease; a novel cost-utility modeling study reflecting evidence-based clinical pathways in Spain

    Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection remains one of the major reasons of re-hospitalization among children with congenital heart disease (CHD). This study estimated the cost-effectiveness of palivizumab...

    Ralph Schmidt, Istvan Majer, Natalia García Román, Alejandra Rivas Basterra, ElizaBeth Grubb and Constancio Medrano López

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:47

    Published on: 19 December 2017

  4. Research

    The costs of repatriating an ill seafarer: a micro-costing approach

    Seafarers sail the high seas around the globe. In case of illness, they are protected by international regulations stating that the employers must pay all expenses in relation to repatriation, but very little ...

    Mads D. Faurby, Olaf C. Jensen, Lulu Hjarnoe and Despena Andrioti

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:46

    Published on: 6 December 2017

  5. Research

    Economic evaluation of 2014 cholera outbreak in Ghana: a household cost analysis

    Ghana experienced its worst cholera outbreak in three decades in 2014. Evidence of cholera economic costs on affected households has been limited. This study aimed at determining economic costs on households a...

    Dziedzom Kwesi Awalime, Bernard Bright K. Davies-Teye, Linda A. Vanotoo, Nkechi S. Owoo and Edward Nketiah-Amponsah

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:45

    Published on: 4 December 2017

  6. Research

    Effects of a mobility monitoring system on the cost of care in relation to reimbursement at Swiss nursing homes: learnings from a randomized controlled trial

    Nursing homes in Switzerland are under pressure to efficiently coordinate staff activities to cover their personnel costs under the care financing system. In this study, the use of a mobility monitoring system...

    Mario Stark, Rigo Tietz, Heidrun Gattinger, Virpi Hantikainen and Stefan Ott

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:43

    Published on: 1 December 2017

  7. Review

    The cost-effectiveness of exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation: a systematic review of the characteristics and methodological quality of published literature

    This descriptive review aimed to assess the characteristics and methodological quality of economic evaluations of cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programs according to updated economic guidelines for healthcare in...

    Katherine Edwards, Natasha Jones, Julia Newton, Charlie Foster, Andrew Judge, Kate Jackson, Nigel K. Arden and Rafael Pinedo-Villanueva

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:37

    Published on: 19 October 2017

  8. Research

    The premarket assessment of the cost-effectiveness of a predictive technology “Straticyte™” for the early detection of oral cancer: a decision analytic model

    Approximately half of oral cancers are detected in advanced stages. The current gold standard is histopathological assessment of biopsied tissue, which is subjective and dependent on expertise. Straticyte™, a nov...

    S. Khoudigian-Sinani, G. Blackhouse, M. Levine, L. Thabane and D. O’Reilly

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:35

    Published on: 2 October 2017

  9. Research

    Public release of hospital quality data for referral practices in Germany: results from a cluster-randomised controlled trial

    To evaluate the impact of different dissemination channels on the awareness and usage of hospital performance reports among referring physicians, as well as the usefulness of such reports from the referring ph...

    Martin Emmert, Nina Meszmer, Lisa Jablonski, Lena Zinth, Oliver Schöffski and Fatemeh Taheri-Zadeh

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:33

    Published on: 26 September 2017

  10. Research

    Out-of-pocket expenditure and catastrophic health spending on maternal care in public and private health centres in India: a comparative study of pre and post national health mission period

    The National Health Mission (NHM), one of the largest publicly funded maternal health programs worldwide was initiated in 2005 to reduce maternal, neo-natal and infant mortality and out-of-pocket expenditure (...

    Sanjay K. Mohanty and Anshul Kastor

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:31

    Published on: 18 September 2017

  11. Research

    Adjusting health spending for the presence of comorbidities: an application to United States national inpatient data

    One of the major challenges in estimating health care spending spent on each cause of illness is allocating spending for a health care event to a single cause of illness in the presence of comorbidities. Comor...

    Joseph L. Dieleman, Ranju Baral, Elizabeth Johnson, Anne Bulchis, Maxwell Birger, Anthony L. Bui, Madeline Campbell, Abigail Chapin, Rose Gabert, Hannah Hamavid, Cody Horst, Jonathan Joseph, Liya Lomsadze, Ellen Squires and Martin Tobias

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:30

    Published on: 29 August 2017

  12. Research

    Convergence and determinants of health expenditures in OECD countries

    This study examines the trend and determinants of health expenditures in OECD countries over the 1975-2004 period. Based on recent developments in the economic growth literature we propose and test the hypothe...

    Son Hong Nghiem and Luke Brian Connelly

    Health Economics Review 2017 7:29

    Published on: 17 August 2017

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